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Top 5 best selling bamboo beaded curtains in 2019

best selling top selling

Do you know in 2019 which designs of bamboo beaded door curtain became best selling?

Here are the answer:

Number 1: The eye bamboo door curtain, this design had been launched from 2018 and become Top rated design from 2018 till now.


Number 2: Octopus beaded door curtain, it's reversible so you see the design from both sides of the doorway.

 Octopus bamboo beaded door curtain

Number 3: The birds doorway beaded curtain that allow for air circulation so you can leave the doors open behind them.

 The birds bamboo beaded door curtain

Number 4: Peace bamboo bead door curtain, Use in the door way of your pantry, laundry room, bedroom, patio etc. Also great to hang in front of a window or simply hang on the wall as decor.

 Peace bamboo door bead curtain

Number 5: Sun and Moon bamboo bead door curtain, it creates soothing sound as a breeze rustles threw or so peaceful with gentle touch. It also feels very pleasant and makes a lovely rain sound to walk through, it has a smooth feel to the bamboo pieces that make up the bead strings and sounds nice when the strings gently come back together.

 Sun and moon door bead curtain




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